1. What is the highest placing that the following breeds of dogs have reached in the DDR Meisterschaft in the last 21 years?


Giant Schnauzer (Riesenschnauzer RS) - First


Rottweiler (RW) - First


Great Dane (Deutschen Dogge) - Second

There was only one that competed from 1969-1989

Bortos v. Steinpölwald



Airedale Terrier (AT) - Third

There has been one AT competing every year from 1969-1989 except for 1971, 73, and 86. Two competitive AT's were

Emmes v.d. Felsendomen

Poseidon's Alido



Collie - Eighth

There were only three that competed from 1969-1989

Lars v. Helper

Orest v.d. Teufelskuppe

Andy v Königshof



Doberman - Eleventh

There were only two that competed from 1969-1989

Dux v Mosigkau

Argo v. Dossewall